Tangible and Intangible

We leave today. Three short words put into a sentence I knew was coming but almost didn’t believe, but here it is. In the last few months I started looking around me thinking “I’m going to miss you so much, Annapolis.” Annapolis is the only place in Maryland I’ve called home, and it’s the only […]

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I Swear I’m Not Crazy

One of the more frequent thoughts I’ve had as we prepped for the three shipments that were cleared out last week and the move in general is some derivative of “I swear I’m not crazy.” Anyone who’s done a PCS (permanent change of station) move probably knows what I’m talking about to some degree. Diplomatic moves […]

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Wait…Did You Just Say Tzatziki Sauce?

So you’ve never heard of Tajikistan? That’s ok, I hadn’t either until Sean came home from work one day with the news that it’s capital city, Dushanbe, would eventually be our new home. I definitely misheard him and the first thing out of my mouth was: “Wait…did you just say tzatziki sauce?!” And so it was […]

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