Worst Best Thing

Our stuff arrived on Sunday! And I’ve decided it was the worst best thing that’s happened to us since we left.

On the plus side, our huge empty house feels more like home. Our mattress is here and we finally feel like we are sleeping rather than lying on a wooden plank. Our kitchen is here and I busted out my canning pot for some adventuring in Tajik canning (more on that in a later post). The cats have their perch. The dog has the rest of her toys. It sounds like a dream right?

Well it’s also a bit of a nightmare. I hate moving – which yes I realize is a huge part of the foreign service. If I had my way I wouldn’t stop unpacking until it was all put away but that’s no longer realistic. When I moved into the dorms from home it was doable but now we’ve managed to acquire a lot of stuff these past few years. On top of that we bought a bunch of stuff specifically for the new house so it’s that much worse.

Since this was our first overseas PCS we’ve learned a lot. We’ve learned to max out the weight for unaccompanied baggage since it should only be a few weeks behind your arrival and a little bit goes a long way in terms of comfort. We’ve learned to load your consumables with liquids and glass because you can’t ship them in the pouch. And we’ve learned to take meticulous inventory of everything, especially your food.

Consumables were hard. It was difficult for me to predict what we would need or want for a two-year tour. I was opening stuff and thinking “really, this?! THIS is what you picked out?! You were standing in Safeway for the last time and you chose THIS stuff?! Are you kidding?!” Then on top of everything I ran out of time to write down an accurate inventory. That was the recipe for disaster.

There’s no easy way to say it. Our beer is missing.

Our two cases of New Glarus-only-available-in-Wisconsin-beer that we picked up just before crossing into Illinois in July is just gone.

Ok, yes, I’m being dramatic but it’s still annoying.

All is not lost though. The wine made it.

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