Almost Normal

We got our car!! It actually arrived a few weeks ago but then had to sit and wait to be registered for about two weeks. I was the one to receive it so I got to drive it first which was exciting.

Ok, so I only drove it from outside the gate to the parking lot but hey, I was still first.

So now we have a car! And it’s wonderful. We can drive to work. We can drive to the grocery stores. We can drive to restaurants. We can drive back and forth in our driveway if we want to. It’s back to being normal!!


Since driving I’ve had these weird moments where I feel like we are back in Annapolis. The leaves are changing finally so the wide tree-lined streets kind of look like home. If we are on the right road with lane markers and stop lights and everyone behaving properly there are certain moments I almost forget we are in Central Asia.

Then, you know, a taxi will speed by us using the lanes for oncoming traffic, or a car will decide to make a right turn from the left lane because eff-it I need to go that way immediately.

Driving here is seriously like bumper cars with higher stakes plus kamikaze pedestrians. Don’t even get me started on the pedestrians.

I’m not the only one experiencing this feeling of forgetting where we live. Sean and I finally had a relaxing weekend and he apparently nearly asked me if I wanted to get Chipotle for dinner.

Yes I do. And I want Starbucks and Chic-fil-A and Einstein Bagels. And Vin 909 and Boatyard and Sin Frontaras. And I want to be able to go to one grocery store and find everything I need. Not run around for an hour (even with the car) in the rain trying to find some damn Don Nachos chips.

I’m ok, really.

Just trying to get used to the almost normal. At least with the car it’s a little bit closer.

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