This is not going to be a post about my New Year’s resolutions. I make the same ones every year. Eat better, exercise more, stop biting my nails, and generally take care of myself. I’m still promising myself those things, but I didn’t really need a new year to do so.

2015 was a year of huge adventures for Sean and me. We skied in West Virginia, visited Disney World and Harry Potter World in Orlando, went to Germany and Brussels and nearly ate ourselves into a food coma.

We adopted our first puppy, Iz the fizz, at 11 weeks old. She was such a challenge but I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

I quit my job. A job I loved with great people in a city that finally felt like home.

We packed our dog and took her on a week long road trip back to Wisconsin to see everyone one more time before the big move.

Oh, did I mention we moved to Tajikistan??

We started new jobs in a new city that was completely different from anything we’d ever known. We made countless new friends.

We rescued little Soya. She’s lucky she’s so cute since she’s grown into quite the troublemaker.

We fought. It’s not easy moving halfway around the world. Thousands of miles from what’s familiar and easy. Then he’s always working or I’m always working and suddenly we barely see each other.

But, we figured it out. And here we are in 2016. Our happy little family is still my sanctuary when things get crazy here.

Even when Soya pees on the floor, Izzie jumps on my chest, Nona knocks over full water glasses, or Dottie meows her head off at 2:00 a.m. (When all four of those things happen in one day, that’s a different story.)

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