At Last I See the Light (Literally)

I love the movie Tangled. For those who don’t know it I don’t know what rock you were hiding under six years ago but it’s the Disney adaptation of Rapunzel. I fell in love with it four years after it came out and watched it on a loop for about a week. (Sean was TDY at the time.)

My favorite song from the movie is “At Last I See the Light.” Of course it’s the sappy love song but I think it’s beautiful. It will suddenly pop into my head at random moments and I can’t help blasting it as soon as I’m alone. Also, Zachary Levi singing. HELLO?! Doesn’t get better.

One very annoying thing about living here is the power surges. The grid is very unpredictable so it’s not uncommon to come home one day and have half the house burnt out.

I know what your thinking: just replace the light bulbs dummy. Of course, it’s not that simple. I’ve counted, and I think we have at least 10 different sized of bulbs in this house. I can’t find much rhyme or reason but I don’t want to mess it up by getting the wrong bulb. Also, many of the fixtures are so high up I would need a ladder to reach them. This is where facilities comes in.

The deal is, you provide the lights, facilities will replace them. Also simple right? NO. Sean and I haven’t had time to traipse around town looking for the right bulbs. So for a long while we just let them burn out and lived with decreasing visibility.

Then our situation became dire. We were down to one working bulb in the bedroom chandeliers, and none in the kitchen. Trying to cook in the dark is not particularly fun, so today I finally bought 40 light bulbs from the kiosk  in the Embassy. When I got home it was after business hours so I spent about an hour going around the house changing those lights I could reach.

The house looks completely different! It’s amazing what working light fixtures can do to a room!

At last I see the light indeed.

2 thoughts on “At Last I See the Light (Literally)

  1. Same thing happened to us in our bathroom. All 7(!) bathroom lights went out in one week. Brendan was content showering in the dark, I was not.

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