Sean and I spend a lot of time with kids. Most of our friends at post have kids, and my job often involves organizing events for kids and families. This means two 26-year-olds hanging out with loads of kids…and the questions start.

As Sean’s holding a baby “when are you guys gonna have one of these?”


Truthfully, I don’t know. I’m 100% clear on the fact that puppies and babies are not the same, but after housebreaking and training two baby dogs in less than a year I’m exhausted. I can’t imagine doing all the stuff you need for a baby right now. I’d like a few good years with the pups before we shake up the status quo again.

We are also living in a difficult place. If I got pregnant now I’d have to be medevaced on my own for all my appointments. I’m not in a big rush to make a round trip flight to Germany by myself for a 20 minute doctor’s appointment.

It’s also fine with me to hang out with kids, and then the moment they freak out or need to be changed or fed I can hand them back to mom and dad. We aren’t really ready for that level of responsibility.

I’m also happy to be able to travel so easily. None of the furry creatures come with us on trips so it’s liberating to pack a bag apiece and just go. No cat carriers or dog crates, no bags packed with litter and food and treats and toys. Just Sean and I and backpacks and we can hit the ground running.

So to answer the question, not anytime soon. For now we are perfectly content borrowing other people’s children (and giving them back the second a tantrum starts).

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