Last week we submitted our first bid list. For our Dushanbe assignment we didn’t have a choice, but were still put through a bit of a ringer. They changed their minds a few times before landing on Tajikistan. So here we are in Dushanbe. It’s been 9.5 months and we have over 14 left and […]

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Independence Lost

In Annapolis, I somewhat enjoyed grocery shopping. I love cooking, so going to the grocery store was like the first step. I knew our Safeway like the back of my hand. I knew exactly what brands I liked, and which were overpriced. I took care in selecting each piece of fresh fruit to make sureĀ I […]

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Almost Iskanderkul

I’m not a big camper. I did not grow up in a family of campers. We didn’t take long weekends and drive “up north” to a cabin or campsite to commune with nature for a few days. My only experiences growing up were Girl Scout camps and the occasional tag-along with friends. As an adult […]

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