Contaminated Water

One hugely negative aspect of living in a third world country is the lack of clean water.┬áIt’s truly heartbreaking to see kids drinking out of the ditches. The same ditches that carry garbage, bleach, human and animal waste, and goodness knows what other contaminants. It’s also horrible to see people taking a “refreshing” swim in […]

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I was sick on Thursday (nothing major, just a quick 24 hour bug that knocked me down for a day) so I didn’t notice until the afternoon. After ignoring them as long as I could, I summoned the strength to walk downstairs and let the dogs out. Until that moment I was glued to the […]

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When Your Friends Leave Post

One caveat of the Foreign Service life is you’re faced with a rotating cast of characters at all times. No one is permanent here and tours end all the time. Summer is heavy transfer season. It started in May and will continue through August. In our year here we managed to make friends with some […]

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