Lately It’s So Quiet

Relatively speaking, September has been an uneventful month. Tajikistan celebrated its 25th Independence Day on September 9, but Sean and I were simultaneously not important enough to be invited to the celebrations and too jet lagged to leave the house for a few days. We did catch a glimpse of the fireworks from our bedroom […]

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Observations in America

After being gone for a year I noticed a lot of things in my two weeks back to the homeland. Here’s a listĀ of silly observationsĀ for your reading enjoyment. Portion sizes are huge! I has the hardest time finishing my food for the first week. We went to Blackwall Hitch in Alexandria for restaurant week and […]

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Taking a Breath

When we left for Dushanbe last summer I had it in my head that we wouldn’t return to the U.S. for a full two years. That solidified after the longest travel day of my life with three animals, six suitcases, and one crabby husband (ok, I was the crabby one). I was not in a […]

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