Lately It’s So Quiet

Relatively speaking, September has been an uneventful month. Tajikistan celebrated its 25th Independence Day on September 9, but Sean and I were simultaneously not important enough to be invited to the celebrations and too jet lagged to leave the house for a few days. We did catch a glimpse of the fireworks from our bedroom windows, but that was the extent of our involvement.

September has been mostly getting back into the swing of things. The jet lag wasn’t nearly as bad as it was when we first arrived last year but it still took me a few weeks to feel completely normal. We had to go out and replenish our refrigerator since we ate it down to nothing before we left. We had to re-learn how to drive in this crazy city. And we had to go back to work with a bunch of new faces.

The two weeks we were gone was a huge turnover time for our Embassy, and late August usually is. Having missed everyone’s arrival I was suddenly walking through familiar halls with unfamiliar faces. Or rather, familiar faces I knew from Facebook but hadn’t actually met. Thankfully, in a small place that doesn’t last long and everyone knows everyone again.

We also had to get back to working out and eating healthy. After two weeks in the States my body remembered how to eat like a true American and I’ve had to break all my bad habits all over again. Plus, I had to again force myself to get up early to work out because if I don’t do it right away in the morning it’s never going to happen.

So now we’re back to the swing of things. And life’s pretty good. The weather is cooling off a bit, my new co-CLO has started, and, at the present moment, all four animals are napping so it’s quiet.

I know that last one won’t last.

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