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And yes, it’s been awhile. I’m not going to launch into a long explanation as to why. Nothing happened really – just enjoying life in Maryland and I’m not sure my day-to-day life is all that interesting for a travel blog. Plus, I’ve been blogging for work and doing ANOTHER post on here just feels redundant.

Anyway, let’s get to the point of this post.

My 2018 Resolutions.

They are short and sweet and simple, but I hope to be able to maintain them.

  1. Actually. Post. To. This. Blog. And come up with a better name than KMCTravel. That’s really boring and we all know it.
  2. Read 50 books in 2018. One down. 49 to go!
  3. Break out the cookbooks. I got into a rut in Dushanbe with cooking (when you have limited ingredients, you have limited recipe options), but it’s time to knock it off.
  4. Continue following my workout program. I’ve been working out for a solid year now without any major gaps – even during our PCS. It’s finally become part of my daily routine. Only took five years of trying to make it stick.
  5. Do not relapse into nail biting. Also, do not buy every single nail polish ever. Your current rate is unsustainable, you crazy person.
  6. Teach Renny how to walk on a leash like a civilized dog. Not every single thing in this world is a threat, dude. Mom and Dad can protect themselves just fine from the neighbor dogs. Relax.

Maybe number six is unrealistic, but a girl can dream, right?


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