Resolutions: Update

Uh, is it just me, or is 2018 FLYING?! How exactly is it already April? I’d like a full report on this please, ASAP.

I think it feels like the year is flying because we have so much happening in June. Not to mention that our 14-15 months in the U.S. suddenly became 11 when Sean’s timeline to report to Georgia changed. Instead of PCS-ing in August/September, we now are scheduled for the end of June. So much for a leisurely summer, I guess.

But enough on that for now. Since it’s been three months since I declared my 2018 Resolutions, I figured I’d update everyone on my progress so far.

  1. Actually. Post. To. This. Blog. And come up with a better name than KMCTravel. That’s really boring and we all know it. Well, I’ve been posting on here every week, so that’s good. And the blog is now called Latitude with Attitude, so that’s better than KMCTravel, right?
  2. Read 50 books in 2018. One down. 49 to go! My current total is 13. I’m about a third of the way through Scythe, which I like. I’ve had two false starts before this one so I’m glad a book finally kept my interest. 
  3. Break out the cookbooks. I got into a rut in Dushanbe with cooking (when you have limited ingredients, you have limited recipe options), but it’s time to knock it off. We’ve been cooking! And really enjoying it. I actually just bought a vegan cookbook. Which is funny to me, since five years ago if I had even asked Sean about plant-based foods he would have grumbled a lot, but now he’s all for it. Or, mostly for it. I’m still not allowed to cook tofu – not that I would.
  4. Continue following my workout program. I’ve been working out for a solid year now without any major gaps – even during our PCS. It’s finally become part of my daily routine. Only took five years of trying to make it stick. Still rocking Tone it Up. Nothing new to report here.
  5. Do not relapse into nail biting. Also, do not buy every single nail polish ever. Your current rate is unsustainable, you crazy person. Alright. Truth telling time. I relapsed. I think the amount of nail polish I was wearing and the frequency I was changing it made them extremely brittle so they all broke. And once they were uneven, I bit them. And once one went, they all went. They’ve since grown back and I’m not painting them all the time. Hopefully I won’t go through that again. 
  6. Teach Renny how to walk on a leash like a civilized dog. Not every single thing in this world is a threat, dude. Mom and Dad can protect themselves just fine from the neighbor dogs. Relax. You know, he’s actually improving if you can believe it. We bought him one of those gentle leaders that go around his face, and while we still actually walk him with his harness on his chest, just having that extra fabric across his face calms him down a lot. He still freaks out at any dog we see, but not nearly to the extreme he was before. He also gets private walks since it takes two of us to keep him in line. Still pretty dramatic. 

Also, I thought I’d mention the latest going on with my eyes. Where we left off, I had just gotten the second punctal plug in my right eye and it was in the my-eye-remembered-how-to-produce-tears-so-I-look-like-I’m-constantly-crying stage. That’s lessened, but the right eye still leaks a lot, which is annoying. However! I’m no longer in constant pain, AND! I’ve managed to find a solution that includes contacts.

I went to my regular eye doctor about a month ago and he gave me a few different boxes of trial daily contacts for me to test out. One was, shall we say, for “normal eyes” with a “normal eyes” price tag, and the other is for “extremely high maintenance eyes” with an “extremely high maintenance eyes” price tag. One guess as to which brand my eyes preferred….

Even with my special brand for my special eyes (heyyyy 1-800-CONTACTS commercial), it’s still unrealistic to wear contacts every day, so I finally ordered glassed with my current prescription. It will be nice to be 100% sighted 100% of the time again.

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