Operation: Replant Grass

So it’s May. I’m not sure how that happened exactly, but here we are. We are now approximately two months out from leaving for Georgia, so it’s crunch time when it comes to life in America.

That includes getting the house ready to rent.

Our yard had a tough winter. First it was buried in leaves longer than it should have been. That’s in part because my darling husband doesn’t understand that simply shredding the leaves with the lawn mower doesn’t remove the problem, it just makes 100x more leaves that are tinier and more difficult to rake.

It’s been a learning curve for me being the one in the relationship that knows more about yard work.

Aside from the leaves, we live on a tricky plot of land. Our entire backyard slopes so when it rains, water tends to pool on one side of the yard with nowhere to go. Not ideal for growing or maintaining grass. Then, since we are so close to the South River, the soil makeup isn’t the greatest. It’s very sandy and there’s not very nutrient-rich. Also not ideal for growing or maintaining grass.

Not to mention, we have three dogs who abuse the lawn on a daily basis. It’s going to be a challenge.

Last weekend we began the grueling process of attempting to re-seed the yard. We spent the better part of a beautiful Sunday raking, mowing, tilling, fertilizing, and seeding half the yard. It’s still early, but I’m hopeful that at least some of it will take before we leave. Especially since the dogs charged the temporary fence almost immediately because one of them is Ren who is 65 pounds of pure brute force.

Wish us luck!

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