Restaurant Roundup: September 2018

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone: our favorite thing to do is eat. We both enjoy cooking, I preserve from time to time (I’ve currently got two different batches of tomato sauce going as I write this), and anytime we plan a trip the first thing we do is research where we are going to eat.

I’ve had so many people tell me Tbilisi is a foodie playground. You can pretty much stand anywhere, throw a rock in any direction, and hit a good restaurant. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to try as much as we can in the last few months. We have not been disappointed.

I’ll be doing these Restaurant Roundups every few months as we continue exploring. These posts will consist of my top five picks, and at least one oddball (coffee shop, bar, dessert cafe, etc.). Enjoy!

One quick note, I’ll be linking the Facebook pages for these restaurants. The Georgian food scene utilizes Facebook more than any other platform for marketing and information sharing. You can probably also find these on Instagram.

Top Five Restaurants:

IMG_2772La Boheme: This was one of my first restaurant experiences Tbilisi. The first few weeks had a distinct pattern here, I was home alone, working but jet lagged, Ren had not arrived so I was angry, and by Thursday every weekI was feeling so dejected I was ready to jump on a plane and leave. Thankfully, Sean has many years of experience dealing with me, and knows when I get grumpy I probably need to eat. La Boheme was a delicious godsend for us. I ordered the salmon – half expecting them to tell me it was not available – and it remains one of the best meals I’ve had here. We also ordered the dip sampler, which was delicious.



Dadi Wine Bar:¬†We’ve (obviously) been to a few wine bars since arriving in Tbilisi, and this one is my favorite. It’s small but mighty, and not too terribly pretentious. Their wine menu is extensive and a good mix of large factory wineries as well as smaller independent vineyard varieties. They also have a lovely menu featuring both light fare and platters large enough to serve as a full meal.



Hummusbar: An entire restaurant devoted to one of my favorite foods. What’s not to love! This tiny little shop is on the second floor of a building tucked away off the main road. It took a little wandering to find it, but it was so worth looking silly. The hummus is amazing – and made with tahini, not peanut butter like in Dushanbe, so it’s not out to get me. I’d eat here every single day if Sean would let me.


IMG_2775Book Corner Cafe: This was another early find. Book Corner Cafe is an adorable little shop perched right along the Mtkvari River near the Dry Bridge Market. Outdoor seating is available but indoors is just as nice with large windows to overlook the river and surroundings. Their menu is simple but delicious, and the relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to stay for hours and just enjoy the view.



Hurma Cafe: This is an absolute gem. We discovered this last week when we wanted a place for brunch and boy did this tiny cafe deliver. They are one of the few places we’ve found with healthy smoothies – you can even add protein! They also have omelettes, sandwiches, and amazing waffles. This is probably Sean’s favorite stop – he’s asked to go back just about every day since.

Coffee Stops:

IMG_2777Coffee LAB: Currently my favorite coffee shop in the city. I usually get a latte when trying a shop for the first time and this was by far my favorite. We tried their Oreo cheesecake in a jar as well, and it’s amazing – just thinking about it now makes me want to run our and order it again. They also have a nice selection of grab and go sandwiches and deli fare.


IMG_2778PinPon Cafe: Another tiny hole in the wall, PinPon is probably the most interesting cafes we’ve stumbled upon. I feel like I should almost not be allowed in due to my lack of “coolness” but the atmosphere is so friendly I’m able to cast my awkwardness aside. The coffee is good, but the craft beer is what got us most excited. We’ll be back again to give their food menu a try since we found it after we’d already eaten lunch, but I’m sure it will be delicious.

Anyone want to visit us yet?

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