Tbilisoba 2018

I love a good festival. I grew up in Milwaukee where Summerfest reigns supreme as one of the highlights of my summer. And don’t even get me started on the glory that is the Wisconsin State Fair. Festivals combine some of my favorite things: food, craft fairs, live music, and simply being outside. This past weekend was our first Tbilisoba, and it delivered everything I love about a festival, plus a chance to explore a new part of the city.


Tbilisoba began in 1979, and quickly established itself as a yearly tradition. It celebrates the diversity and history of Tbilisi, a successful harvest, and gives people from all over Georgia – and the world – a chance to feel like a citizen of Tbilisi for a day. The festival is held the first weekend of October every year and features open air concerts, art exhibitions, traditional Georgian food, and handicraft fairs.

Tbilisoba is spread through the city, but the main center of activity is in Old Tbilisi, specifically Rike Park, which features stunning 360 views of the city. We also finally made our way across the Bridge of Peace, a beautiful bow shaped pedestrian bride that spans the Kura River.


We had a lovely day wandering around and soaking in Tbilisoba and the city as a whole. It was also the first day where it felt like fall, and it was the perfect kickoff to my favorite season.

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