Restaurant Roundup: January 2019

New year…same two people who love food. Is anyone at all surprised?

Here are my favorite Tbilisi eateries from the past few months. This go round there are actually a few Georgian places in the mix. Enjoy!

Top Five Restaurants:

IMG_3592Café StambaI know this is a favorite among the expat community, but when I went there for lunch I truthfully wasn’t super impressed. Perhaps that’s because I ordered a salad, and let’s be honest, there’s only so good a salad can be. However, the second time I went was for brunch, and, I’ve got to say, they really sold me with their breakfast options. Their avocado toast is delicious, and they have a very extensive buffet to meet every appetite. For bonus points, also had an almond milk option for coffee. The atmosphere is relaxed and has a bit of 1920’s flair mixed with their modern decor.

Osteria: IMG_3593This one is a bit odd. It’s a mall pizza place. On a particularly dreary day, Sean and I decided to go down to the Galleria and see Wreck it Ralph, you know, like adults. We wandered around the shops for a while, which made us hungry, so before the movie, we decided to stop in this cute little pizza cafe. We figured even mediocre mall pizza would still be good. Well. We were wrong. This wasn’t mediocre mall pizza, this was tasty brick oven deliciousness. I, unfortunately, can’t find a link to their website or Facebook page, but if you’re ever in the Galleria, be sure to check this place out.

Tone: IMG_3638One of the most important parts of any Georgian meal is the bread. It compliments just about every single traditional dish. The most popular kind of bread served here is tone, a flat, crispy yet soft disk. At Tone restaurant in Fabrika, this bread is used as the base for tasty sandwiches. It was a chilly night so we both ordered soup in addition to our main meals, and both our cups were mouthwatering. We will be sure to return once the weather warms up again to properly enjoy their outdoor seating.

Pepperboy: IMG_4190Oh. My. God. This place is ridiculous. I believe it opened fairly recently and it’s taken the restaurant scene by storm. The chef reportedly quit his day job to pursue his passion for cooking and thank goodness he did. This is one of the best Asian fusion restaurants I’ve ever been to. I started my meal with their Sake Spritz and knew I was in love. I also love the fact that they were excellent with my peanut allergy. The waitress completely understood what the allergy meant, and they were careful preparing our dishes as to not cross-contaminate. I have no doubt this will be one of our frequent favorites for the rest of our tour.

Pasanauri: IMG_4303This is Georgian food. We ended up here after wandering around in the cold for several hours so I could shoot photos for my Christmas timelapse. We were ready for some hearty, warming bites and this restaurant hit the spot. Sean has a lot more experience eating Georgian food than I do, so I let him take the lead with ordering. We got khinkali with greens (dumplings with meat and herbs), lobiani (sort of like if Georgian food did refried beans), khachapuri (the excellent cheesy bread), and for mains Sean got veal and I had pork. My favorite part of the meal was definitely the lobiani. I would come back here just for a big clay pot of that.

After Dinner Delight:

Woland’s Speakeasy: IMG_4212I’m not the biggest drinker, but, I WANT TO GO HERE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Woland’s Speakeasy truly transports you back to the 1920s. It’s underground, sometimes requires a secret password, and its entrance is hidden behind a bookshelf in a different cafe. (Mama Terra to be precise. I’m not here to keep secrets.) I know they do trivia nights, shows, and tons of other events, but we went on a very quiet day and I loved it. They have an impressive cocktail menu. So much so that I couldn’t decide what to order. Thankfully, the very knowledgeable bartender came to my rescue and asked what kind of alcohol I like and if I wanted a sweet, semi-sweet, sour, or fruity drink. She then concocted the best cocktail I’ve had in a long time. Off-menu, of course. My mouth is actually watering thinking about it.

Anyone in Tbilisi a foodie like us? If so, please leave any recommendations you have in the comments! We’re always looking for an excuse to get downtown and eat good food. As always, follow me on Instagram for up-to-date recommendations.

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