Door County, Wisconsin

Before yesterday, I’d only been to Door County once. I was 19, my boyfriend of a few months was about to leave for a study abroad in Russia (spoiler, I married him), and we were only there for a few hours. I don’t remember it very well, but we do have these ridiculous pictures to commemorate our brief visit.


Good lord, who are these children?!

Door County is a popular summer getaway destination for midwesterners. It’s situated on a peninsula between Green Bay and Lake Michigan and is known for its long shoreline and numerous public parks. Cute touristy towns dot the coast with boutique shops, lovely little hotels, and delicious restaurants. In the summer, vacationers flock to Door County for pick-your-own cherries. The local markets are full of fresh bakery, jams, and other culinary creations using the popular seasonal fruit. Yes, please.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Peninsula State Park has plenty of hiking, biking, fishing, boating, and swimming opportunities. There are also dozens of campsites if you are so inclined. We were long overdue for a return visit.


We started the day with pick-your-own cherries. I have done many pick-your-own fruits in my time, but never cherries (unless you count earlier this summer at a friend’s house, but I hardly think that qualifies). I always enjoy a good morning of pick-your-own, but I still get a good laugh at the fact that we are literally paying farmers to do their job for them for the experience. I’m not mad at it, it just makes me giggle. Agricultural tourism at it’s finest.


Afterward, we spent a few hours exploring some of the towns. We spent approximately 30 minutes sampling jams, jellies, mustards, dips, salsas, and bakery at one of the quaint little markets. I love a place that’s liberal with their samples. I happily added the Tbilisi pin to a map of “where are you from?” after making our purchases. Door County is also home to several Wisconsin wineries, so obviously, we needed to partake. I’m always a bit skeptical of Wisconsin wine, but Door 44 did not disappoint. We each sampled a flight of four wines. My particular four were called “The Lively,” and if that doesn’t fit both my personality and wine palate, I don’t know what does.

After lunch, Sean and I were itching to do a little hiking, so we ventured into the park for a quick two-mile loop along the bluffs. We did the Eagle Trail to be exact. The terrain was quite rocky and full of tree roots, so in that regard, it was a bit challenging, but overall, it was quite an easy and enjoyable experience. Also, if you take 29-year-old Kristen, add large rocks and a lake, you magically get five-year-old Kristen who enjoys chucking the largest rocks she can muster into the lake just for the satisfying kerplunk sound.

Apparently, Wisconsin brings out my inner child.


Wisconsin will always be home to Sean and me, and finally revisiting Door County after so many years was very special. Hopefully, it will be less than 10 years before we return next time.


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