10 Flights

Recently, as you may know, I’ve been in several places seemingly all at once. We had our impromptu trip to Santorini a few weeks ago, and last weekend I went to Kansas City for one of my very best friend’s wedding. Adding all that travel up, I’ve taken 10 flights in 12 days. I’ve traveled approximately 16,382 miles from Tbilisi to Santorini and then Tbilisi to Kansas City. That’s a bit much.

Oddly, I seem to be doing ok in terms of jet lag. I think I’ve simply scrambled my circadian rhythm enough that my body had no idea where it is, what time it is, and when it should be sleeping. Yes, I suppose I have been getting very sleepy at random times during the day – most recently today at about 2:00 pm while lying back in a dental chair (more on that later). But it’s nothing compared to how I was feeling after five weeks in the States┬áin early September.

I think it’s funny to look back into the archives of this blog and find posts like Vacation Deficit Disorder where I talk about how it’s been so long since we traveled and how badly the need for a change of scenery permeated my entire existence. Today I sit here on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Since my brain is so completely scrambled, I can’t seem to come up with a clever name for it like Vacation Deficit Disorder, so in my head, I’ve been calling it “holy shit I need a weekend at home to myself” syndrome.

Clearly, all this travel is affecting my craft.

Here’s the kicker: I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon. We have yet to take our R&R trip from here and need to get moving on that relatively quickly. I don’t mean to sound like “oh woe is me, we have to take our mandated vacation, how on Earth will I manage?!” but right now the thought of getting on another plane exhausts me to my very soul. Aside from the physical drain, I feel like I’m so disconnected from my home at the moment. I haven’t spent any time with the Embassy community since probably July, my animals are all anxious after being left again, and my house had been turned upside down from packing and unpacking and repacking. It’s all-around exhausting.

Despite being tired and slightly on edge after all this travel, I am doing my best to look at it through the lens of “do it while you can.” I’m thrilled I was able to be a part of my friend’s wedding, and Santorini was absolutely magical, and yes, I’m aware we are nuts for doing both in the span of two weeks. I’m glad we decided to jam the birthday trip in because those memories will stay with us forever. Who knows if we will ever get the opportunity to travel like this again?

For now, I will relish the opportunities to travel, and the opportunities to rest. This weekend you’ll find me locked in my house, in my pajamas, watching movies with my dogs. And right now that sounds just as thrilling as any spectacular vacation.



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