Home is Where the Goober Is

When we were home in August, I was having a hard time coming to terms with the idea of returning to Georgia. Don’t get me wrong, we really love it here, but I had enough time at home to get used to the idea of being close to family and friends again. The thought of leaving that after a lovely four-week visit was a lot for me to stomach.

But then, Sean left a week before I did. He had to get back to work and I stayed back. That last week was wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but as soon as he landed in Tbilisi I yearned to be back there with him. I’ve known this for years, but that moment made me realize it all over again: home is wherever he is.

The early part of our relationship – really the first four years – was centered around distance. He left for Russia, London, and even when I moved to Maryland with him he had trainings and TDYs that took him away from me for months at a time. We became experts at navigating distance, though, of course, we never really enjoyed that time.

Thankfully since about 2015, we haven’t had to deal with too much distance. Yes I leave for a week or so for my meeting, or he goes on a quick TDY, but it’s nothing like it used to be at the beginning of our relationship, thank goodness. However, I do think that makes weeks like this past one all the more difficult. We’re so used to being together that when we are apart for a short time it wears on us.

I think this particular week has been difficult because we are coming off such a chaotic few months. I don’t think I’ve really checked in to life in Tbilisi since July because I was always looking ahead to the next trip, the next flight, the next exciting thing. When I returned here last Tuesday without him I just wanted to settle and regroup. Without him here, I felt like I couldn’t fully exhale and relax.

This post isn’t meant to be something super romantic or a cry for pity. It’s just my reality at the moment. I have about two hours before he lands and I’m really looking forward to having my partner in life back with me. Particularly, I’m looking forward to another human in this house to absorb some of the attention of five needy animals. Dottie is currently sitting on me, Nona is observing me with her ever-watchful gaze, and I’m within sight of all three dogs. Heaven forbid I stand up and go to a different room in this mall house; they all must know where mommy is off to.

Hurry home dear, your furry babies miss you. And I do too.


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