Frosting Fails

Recently I’ve gotten back into baking. For some reason, I went on a bit of hiatus for the past several years. I think in part it was our desire to eat healthier, and we really don’t need six dozen cookies for two people with little to no self-control. But, I really enjoy baking, and I’ve […]

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Really, Pantone?

It’s slowly dawning on me that we are closing out a decade in a few weeks. The 2010s are ending on December 31. That’s a huge deal. Everyone is posting their top whatever of the 2010s: most streamed songs, most clicked news stories, biggest celebrity names of the decade, most played video game, you name […]

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Adventures in Vegan Cooking

Since about 2012 I have slowly but surely began eating healthier and healthier. When I left my home state of Wisconsin I also left behind consuming cheese and red meat at an alarming rate. It was expensive in Maryland, and with access to the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, seafood was cheaper than I’d […]

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