Hyper Kidz Columbia

Hyper Kids Columbia

This past weekend the Annapolis area was hit with what meteorologists call a “bomb cyclone” snowstorm. I’m not entirely sure what that means in the technical sense, but basically, it got unnecessarily cold and rainy for two days. Of course, this nonsense hit on the weekend. With a very active 16-month-old stuck inside, we knew we needed to find some sort of outlet for her energy. Thankfully, there are tons of indoor play places in the area, and this weekend we deiced to try Hyper Kidz Columbia.

Hyper Kids Columbia

Similar to The Wiggle Room, Hyper Kidz is an open play facility geared towards kids ages 0-13. There are currently three locations located in the DC/Baltimore metro area. The closest one to Annapolis is in Columbia which is about 30 minutes away. There are three distinct play zones at the Columbia location, the mini zone for babies and toddlers, the kid zone geared towards children ages 2-7, and the big kid zone for ages 3-13 (or for children 4 feet and over). There is also an LED dance floor in the center of the room which was our daughter’s favorite part.

Hyper Kids Columbia

While our daughter did have an absolute blast, I think we were in a bit over our heads for a few reasons. We visited on a Sunday, so the place was absolutely mobbed. It was also freezing cold so I’m sure that contributed to the mayhem. Additionally, weekends are prime birthday party days so every 10 minutes they would dim the lights and ask everyone to clear the dance floor for someone’s private dance party.

I also think this particular play place is going to be way more fun for our daughter in a few years. She was completely bored in the baby area, but not quite ready for the kid zone. She could handle the slide and ball pit just fine but doesn’t have the social skills to understand how to wait her turn or move out of the way so other kids can also enjoy the structures. Also, the big kid zone takes up the most space in the facility. Something she definitely isn’t ready for quite yet. It looks amazing, and we will definitely be back when she’s big enough.

Overall, I definitely recommend Hyper Kidz Columbia for anyone with older children. It’s a perfect rainy (or snowy) day activity.

Current Hours/Rates*:
Infants (0-11 months without sibling): $7.99
Kids age 1-2: $9.99
Kids age 3-13: $11.99

Infants (0-11 months without sibling): $12.99
Kids age 1-2: $14.99
Kids age 3-13: $16.99

Monday-Saturday 9:00 am-8:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am-7:00 pm

Parents: FREE
If you have more than two non-paying adults it does cost $5.99 for each additional person.
Infants (0-11 months) are free with a paid sibling.
*As of March 16, 2022, for the Columbia location.

Be sure to check out their website for full rules and hours.

Hyper Kidz Columbia

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