Throwback Thursday: Tuscany

Alright, friends. It’s time. It’s time to finally share the infamous “Vespa Incident” with the world. But first, let’s explore how we got to me crashing a Vespa (twice) on a busy street in a teeny-tiny town in Tuscany in front of an Italian nun, a police officer, and a biker gang. After two-and-a-half weeks […]

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Throwback Thursday: The Vatican

Before I dive into all my issues with The Vatican, let me preface this with the following: I am a confirmed Catholic, but not at all religious. I don’t have a problem with religion, except when people start wars, are prejudiced/bigoted because of it, or simply tell me how to live my own life according […]

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Throwback Thursday: Rome

Ah Rome. I love it so. After spending a few weeks in Western Europe and then a few days in Eastern Europe, we flew to Rome and got our first taste of Southern Europe. After the tidy streets of Paris and London, and the ancient feeling in Prague and Krakow, the chaos of Rome was […]

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