Great Uzbek Adventure Part 3: Bukhara

We drove into Bukhara in a dust storm. It was incredibly windy that day and since Bukhara is right on the edge of the desert sand had whipped up around us and it felt like a totally different planet. I’ve read The Martian. I know what can happen in dust storms. It was a bit […]

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Great Uzbek Adventure Part 2: Samarkand

I’ll just go ahead and be up front with you guys. I have almost no patience for museums, historical sites, and touring around churches and cathedrals. I much prefer a quick browse, a few photos, and then to be on my way. And by on my way I usually mean back to eating. Sean lives […]

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Great Uzbek Adventure Part 1: The Drive

Spring break in the past has meant many things. Flying to Spain¬†for a week of Spanish culture,¬†driving 22 hours straight from Milwaukee to Fort Lauderdale for a week of sunbathing, and trekking around Costa Rica for minutes of exploring pineapple fields followed by hours at the spa. This year spring break meant packing the car […]

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