Tbilisi Christmas Lights

Today is Orthodox Christmas, so I thought it would be fitting to briefly talk about Tbilisi at Christmastime. We were a bit bummed when planning our failed R&R and then our impromptu trip to Helsinki and Stockholm that we would miss out on the spectacular Christmas season here at home. However, since Georgia is on […]

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I feel like there are two distinct times to visit Scandanavia: in summer when the sun never sets, and in winter when the sun almost doesn’t rise. I have romantic ideas about Finland, Norway, and Sweden’s midnight sun, but was always nervous about traveling towards the Arctic Circle in the winter when my Seasonal Affective […]

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European Christmas Markets Overview

Inadvertently, Sean and I have made it a pattern to visit Christmas markets in Europe for our first major vacation at a new post. In 2015 when we left Dushanbe for the first time, we went to Germany and Brussels to get a good helping of Christmas spirit. Last year, we did the same with […]

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