Kristen vs. The Sweet Gum Trees: Momma’s Revenge

Sweet Gum Trees

Back in March of 2018, I wrote about my nemesis for the first time. The sweet gum trees. I spoke romantically about these “gentle giants” with their “comforting shade in the summer” in a way that only a new homeowner could. Ah to be young and dumb again. Because let me tell you. Those trees […]

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Operation: Replant Grass

So it’s May. I’m not sure how that happened exactly, but here we are. We are now approximately two months out from leaving for Georgia, so it’s crunch time when it comes to life in America. That includes getting the house ready to rent. Our yard had a tough winter. First it was buried in […]

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Kristen vs. The Sweet Gum Trees

I love nature. When we bought our little yellow house in April last year, I was ecstatic from the pictures of the exterior to see several large, old trees in the backyard. I’ve always romanticized the idea of living in a neighborhood with older trees. Something about it makes me feel like we’re doing a […]

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