Gudauri Ski Weekend

I’ve said it before a few times on this blog, I’m not a very strong skier. I learned late, I’m uncoordinated, and I simply don’t get enough time on the slopes to ever get comfortable. My last skiing experience was Shymbulak in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and I absolutely hated every minute of it. I spent more […]

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Almaty vs. Shymbulak: A Tale of Two Cities

Now that I finished my (probably overly long) New Zealand series, I can get caught up on some Central Asia things I’ve neglected. The first of which, is our return to Shymbulak Ski Resort, and our first real experience with Almaty proper. I previously spoke about Almaty about a year ago when we had our […]

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Almaty: Different but the Same

One thing I never really experienced growing up in the flat plains of Wisconsin was breathtaking mountain views. It’s also something I haven’t really been able to experience in Tajikistan either. Even though the country is overwhelmingly mountainous, it’s hard to see in them in their splendor in Dushanbe. The air quality is bad, particularly […]

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